Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Term 4,Week 8

On Sunday My church went to long bay. We have lot of fun,because we had a games. First game was...well I don't actually remember the game name but I will tell you how to play. There was a three groups and that's land of Jesus dream I forget the other one but the last one is adults.So, we make a two circle and one circle which is small go inside of the other circle and then we sing a song and inside circle goes right and the other circle goes when the one lady call the number then we must gather round of that game was my favorite. This game is you need to make group and do the team work. this is what you need:  basket,cups and water bottle. Now we grab the cup and get some water from basket and pass over to behind person. I was in the front so I get all wet. Next game is team work you need to blow a balloon same size of your face and hop to other corner. Now someone who blow the balloon put the balloon between two person's back and two person walk like a crab with the balloon.When two person go to other corner then little kid hold the balloon and two adults make a nice arm chair and move to other corner and four person walk like a duck with the balloon [low duck walk] and move to other corner and then one person get balloon and move to start and give to on lady and that team who came first is the winner.also I play at the beach and I saw some  water snails. I think I had a such a great time.